We're outdoorsmen. We get up before the sun, make coffee, and head out the door. We gear up in the light of a headlamp and hike in. The first thing the trout will see for breakfast is the pair of nymphs that were meticulously tied the night before. Patterns developed over months of testing and tweaking... The ones that work. This is how Wilds Media was conceived; on the banks of central Pennsylvania's limestone streams.


What is the connection to digital media? 


A river exists in a perpetual state of change. With each passing season, it's layout transforms. Sometimes subtly; sometimes dramatically. To be successful, you have to notice that change, and adapt your strategy. It's about learning, and using what you learn to gain an advantage. 


Business is similar.  Successful marketing strategies change. Design evolves. We're here to monitor those shifts and help our clients develop iconic branding using design, photography and videography.

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